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Live In Mother's Help

At Millennium Nannies, we provide families with either a live in mother's help or a live in nanny. The former is an experienced childcarer who may have previously worked in the UK or the USA as an au pair for at least one year, or they may be a school teacher, a nurse, or a nanny or kindergarten teacher. Our live in nannies will have a professional diploma as a result of having taken an accredited childcare course and are mainly from Australia.

The best way to determine whether you require a live in nanny or a live in mother's help is to consider the ages and number of your children. If you have one or more babies under 12 months and go out to work, a professional nanny is the best choice. If you have a toddler and/or preschool or school age children, whether you work or stay at home, you can have a suitably experienced mothers help. If you are unsure which is best for your circumstances we will be more than happy to guide you in your choice.

Another key difference between the two options is the salary. On average a nanny will expect to earn a net salary of approximately £250 or more per week. A live in mother’s help will expect to earn around £150 to £200 per week. Please note that you will also be responsible for paying national insurance (when the individual earns over £136 a week) and tax (when the individual earns over £143 a week).

Both types of helper will tidy and clear up after themselves and the children but they should not be expected to carry out the main cleaning of the household when in sole charge of babies or young toddlers. However if the children go to school or are at part time nursery, some cleaning duties may be negotiated to be carried out when the children are not at home.

For families with a minimal childcare requirement who need someone to clean and run the household, we also provide live in housekeepers. Please call or register online for details of housekeeper applicants.

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